About a year ago, I was going through a tough time in my life where I felt very much ‘stuck’. I was bored in my job, my lifestyle, my friendships, my social life and I didn’t really know what to do next. That was when I met Cairistiona and learnt for the first time about birthday readings and Chinese face reading. We sat, had a cuppa and she read my birthday and my face. She told me about my qualities and flaws of character (she had only known me a few hours) and why I was finding life so difficult. She assured me that things would “change in the autumn” and I was coming out of two challenging years. She told me that I would soon begin a new cycle, and that things would change and improve for me dramatically. I was sceptical at first –I had never truly believed in ‘spiritual guidance’ or ‘palm reading’ and therefore didn’t see how birthday readings would be any different. I was delighted to be proven wrong! In the autumn (late September to be exact) my boyfriend proposed, the following day I received an invite to a job interview, was then offered the new job and have since been given the opportunity to train as a teacher! I have been completely bowled over by how accurate Cairistiona is in her face readings, and have since introduced her to members of my family and friends who in turn have received accurate and reassuring advice. If you’re looking for the answers to some difficult questions, some guidance on making a hard decision or just someone to guide you on your next journey then I cannot recommend Cairistiona enough. You will not be disappointed!