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New Subscription Service!

I’ve already shared this news on my Facebook page, so it’s time to share it here. One thing I love is to write in depth face reading profiles of people of 1,000 words or more. The problem is that I put all the effort in (an hour to take notes, several to write) to receive little or no response. (In September of last year … Read More New Subscription Service!

New Meditation: The Wisdom of The Fire

I’ve finally uploaded it onto YouTube (see link below) and Insight Timer. Please check it out and let me know what you think. “This track is halfway between fairytale and guided meditation. We follow a story of a fire and how he has managed his emotions and how he listens to his heart. If we evolve these natural fire-ey qualities in our lives, how … Read More New Meditation: The Wisdom of The Fire


Another Way to Winter

I’ve been looking at the five elements, the principles of Chinese Medicine, to understand how to do winter if it’s not a doing time. In 5E theory the colour associated with Winter is black. It’s a dark time. So if we’re in the dark doing is impossible because our sight is gone, so we must navigate the world by “feeling.” Though this feeling isn’t … Read More Another Way to Winter


How To Heal Emotional Pain

If there’s one thing more inevitable in life than death and taxes, pain is it. One question that has been in my mind over the years is, “If pain is inevitable, then how do you heal it? How do you cope?” And this question is always in my mind when reading about the suffering in the world – I see it to be all … Read More How To Heal Emotional Pain

What Do Full Lips Mean?

Each feature on a persons face shows their experience. What the mouth represents in Chinese Medicine is how well we understand and how well we do in relationships, so it shows us someone’s experience of interpersonal relationships. A person with a full mouth understand the language of relationships very well, almost innately. So they know how to take care of their friendships and relationships. … Read More What Do Full Lips Mean?


What Does A Strong Jawline Mean?

Chinese Face Reading calls jawlines such as Mr Malek’s, “the strong roots of the tree.” A tree who has strong roots, such as a large oak, will not been easily blown over or swayed. So when someone has this jawline it means they have a strong system of beliefs or ethics that isn’t available to be swayed by public opinion. They’re stubborn. Because of … Read More What Does A Strong Jawline Mean?


An Example of a Face Reading

Time for a quick face reading!! Most signs on this woman’s face tells me that she will be quick with words, she may have a sharp tongue and be precise when speaking. You may find her very funny. However, don’t expect jokes coming out of her mouth at a mile a minute. She’ll be very focussed. She’ll be quick with a joke but her … Read More An Example of a Face Reading


What do full upper cheeks mean?

Do you have prominent upper cheeks like this woman? These cheeks are associated with the archetype of the ruler, a king a queen. Now when a king gives orders, people follow it through. There is no arguing or second guessing. And it’s the same with you. Because of this you have greater likelihood than others to end up in a position of authority, easily … Read More What do full upper cheeks mean?