See the workings of Mother Nature in your life and character….

Chinese Face Reading – 60 minutes £150 GBP

Cairistiona will read the patterns in your face and birth date to best guide you in whatever situation you face tailored to your personality. This time length is best suited to a complex topic.

Chinese Face Reading – 30 minutes £90 GBP

Exactly the same as a 60 minute reading, but best suited to a simple topic due to time constraints.

*Coming Spring 2021* – What does your face say?

This is for clients who don’t want guidance but want to know individually and collectively what the features on their face mean. This reading can also be used for family and friends the client wants to know better.

Other things to know….

  • A Chinese face reading is not a psychic reading. It’s a highly educated and astute opinion. Take what resonates, leave what doesn’t.
  • Because the five elements appear on the face, I can use Chinese face reading to explore compatibility, any relationship dynamic. It can be used to deepen self-knowledge, to explore timing in your life, how this decade is going for you, or where you may feel dissatisfied or stuck.
  • Appointments are held via Skype or Zoom.
  • Payments accepted over PayPal.
  • Please bear in mind when requesting your appointment that I am on GMT time, working between 11am to 8pm
  • An appointment requested for less than 24 hours ahead will most likely not be given due to the prep work that I need to do and the time to takes to communicate back and forth via email.