Hello, my name is Cairistiona O’Loughlin.

In a period of my life when I felt battered and bruised, when there were significant challenges and setbacks, the wisdom of Chinese Medicine kept me on track and true to myself. I saw myself as a part of nature’s intended design, a needed part of the web of life. Being able to read the patterns in my face and birthdate gave me inside knowledge and information to successfully ride the waves of my twenties without crashing. It allowed me to contemplate and rest on wisdom much older than I.

It all began when I was studying Classical Studies at Lampeter University. During that time, through sheer serendipity and a passion for the Borgias, I picked up a book on Chinese face reading. This was only because the Borgia book I was reading was too large, and the next available chair was in the spirituality section.

I’ve reached a new beginning, a point of accomplishment in my journey with Chinese face reading, where I feel I can help others with their struggles and offer the same encouragement I gave to myself, so clients can achieve a sense of equilibrium- a balance through their own nature with Mother Nature.

CFR is a powerful and life-changing tool. I hope to make it more widespread and commonly known through my blog and my business.

As a final note, my name is pronounced care-ist-SCHTEE-na.

Let’s work together.

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