Greta Thunberg: Part II

I was writing the following in an email to a friend and thought, well I could include these observations in a blog post. So here they are:The thickness of our eyebrows relates to how well we handle boundaries, in forming them and being aware if they are being crossed. Thicker eyebrows, like caterpillars, denotes that a person can do it easily, while thinner eyebrows … Read More Greta Thunberg: Part II


What does Greta Thunberg’s face say?

Let’s start with the explanation of my work: Chinese face reading is based off Chinese Medicine, which in turn is based on thousands of years’ worth of observations of the rhythms and cycles in nature. CFR has taken these observations and applied them to the human face because humans are a part of nature. We are not separate from its rhythms and cycles. We … Read More What does Greta Thunberg’s face say?


New Subscription Service!

I’ve already shared this news on my Facebook page, so it’s time to share it here. One thing I love is to write in depth face reading profiles of people of 1,000 words or more. The problem is that I put all the effort in (an hour to take notes, several to write) to receive little or no response. (In September of last year … Read More New Subscription Service!

Mimicry And Jodie Comer

My intention for writing this was to make this article a diptych between Jodie Comer and Greta Thunberg. “Why?” I hear you ask In the system that I use they have the same birth date patterns and yet are completely different people. How? The information in their faces dances differently with their birth date patterns, which means, different people. So with Greta Thunberg, I … Read More Mimicry And Jodie Comer