Month: July 2020


What does a small mouth mean?

Reading faces who don’t have Caucasian heritage is slightly different. People who are or have Asian or black heritage will naturally have much fuller and larger mouths than the average Caucasian. A full mouth gives a person certain characteristics and experiences but if it’s the “base line” for the race, it doesn’t mean anything – the full mouth meaning is given if the mouth … Read More What does a small mouth mean?


A Deep Dive Into The Dalai Lama (Subscriber Content)

EDIT: I made an error when writing this article and got the wrong birth date patterns for the Dalai Lama. The King patterns I write of, actually reflect his tenure in office – how the world perceives him and how his time in office has gone. Please read the information I provide on the king archetype as such and ignore when I combine this … Read More A Deep Dive Into The Dalai Lama (Subscriber Content)


New Subscription Service!

I’ve already shared this news on my Facebook page, so it’s time to share it here. One thing I love is to write in depth face reading profiles of people of 1,000 words or more. The problem is that I put all the effort in (an hour to take notes, several to write) to receive little or no response. (In September of last year … Read More New Subscription Service!

New Meditation: The Wisdom of The Fire

I’ve finally uploaded it onto YouTube (see link below) and Insight Timer. Please check it out and let me know what you think. “This track is halfway between fairytale and guided meditation. We follow a story of a fire and how he has managed his emotions and how he listens to his heart. If we evolve these natural fire-ey qualities in our lives, how … Read More New Meditation: The Wisdom of The Fire