Month: January 2020


Another Way to Winter

I’ve been looking at the five elements, the principles of Chinese Medicine, to understand how to do winter if it’s not a doing time. In 5E theory the colour associated with Winter is black. It’s a dark time. So if we’re in the dark doing is impossible because our sight is gone, so we must navigate the world by “feeling.” Though this feeling isn’t … Read More Another Way to Winter


Small Update

Hello my blog friends! I’ve not forgotten about you. I’m changing the way I use social media for this business, so if you solely follow me here (thank you very much) you’ll have noticed that I have been quiet for a while. It’s because I’ve posting more short form things frequently on my Facebook and Instagram accounts, which are “Circular: Chinese Face Reading” and … Read More Small Update


New Project, New Meditation.

Hellooooo friends! I’ve been studying the 5E for seven years, almost eight, as a Chinese face reader (another branch of Chinese medicine), reading them in people’s personalities in order to guide them back to their original nature (literally, you can have a “river”/”water” personality. My job is to release any blame or judgements you have by giving a clearer insight into you and returning … Read More New Project, New Meditation.