Month: October 2019


Break time!

I’m taking a step back from my social media to fully focus on my new project – weekly posts on CFR don’t feel right any more – I don’t expect to be gone that long. I am available for readings just not the social media grind. See you soon!


What Do Rounded Eyebrows Mean?

In Chinese face reading, eyebrows, for the most part, relate to how we make our decisions. Curved eyebrows relate to the archetype of the mother, so when this person is faced with a decision, they want a win-win for everyone. They want an outcome that has no losers, where everyone has a place at the table and is fed. Sometimes, when faced with a … Read More What Do Rounded Eyebrows Mean?


Reading Shakespeare

Unsurprisingly, this reading comes with a lot of caveats. Portraits of Shakespeare remain contested by academics and unverified, and even then portraits were painted to flatter the subject. So I have to add, before we begin, that this reading takes the Cobbe portrait of Shakespeare (the one shown), takes that his plays were written by him and under one person, and uses his baptism … Read More Reading Shakespeare

Mimicry And Jodie Comer

My intention for writing this was to make this article a diptych between Jodie Comer and Greta Thunberg. “Why?” I hear you ask In the system that I use they have the same birth date patterns and yet are completely different people. How? The information in their faces dances differently with their birth date patterns, which means, different people. So with Greta Thunberg, I … Read More Mimicry And Jodie Comer


What is the Meaning of an Uneven Hairline?

As well as denoting character, facial features in Chinese Medicine can also express times in our lives. Hairlines relate to the experience of our teenage years. All teenage years are hard and troubling, but for those with uneven hairlines that time was filled with an unprecedented amount of stress and turmoil that isn’t the normal experience of a teen. If we look at Sophie … Read More What is the Meaning of an Uneven Hairline?