Month: May 2019


Historical Reading: Louis XIV

Now this was an interesting one that completely threw me. For those who don’t know, Louis in his lifetime presented a hyper-masculine image. So when I thought to read his birth date I was expecting very yang patterns, very dominant, annndddd…None of that was there! Louis XIV is, according to his birth date, is the archetype of the mother. Someone who is incredibly generous, … Read More Historical Reading: Louis XIV


Past Hurts/Shipwrecks

There’s a personality type in Chinese face reading that is represented by Water. This personality has a scarily accurate memory, so can often can quote people verbatim especially when they’ve been hurt. The grudges they hold aren’t about anger and hate but are instead about the memory of the pain caused, always fresh and remembered. How is this relevant to shipwrecks then? A shipwreck … Read More Past Hurts/Shipwrecks


Thoughts on Kim Kardashian as Lawyer

Coming late to this news but nevertheless here are my chinese face readery, birthdatery thoughts on this matter: Well, of course she would!! Let me explain. When I look at the patterns in Kim’s birthdate it is so obvious and perfect that Kim Kardashian would be attracted to law. Her birthdate patterns relate to the archetype of the warrior, someone who is designed to … Read More Thoughts on Kim Kardashian as Lawyer